Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Curb appeal is one of the best investments you can make towards increasing your property value. Just like with people—first impressions count. The initial feelings someone has will frame the perspective through which they view the rest of your home. A dynamic and engaging front yard will draw prospective buyers in and show pride in your home ownership.

Practice Proper Maintenance

There’s no sense in installing fancy upgrades and landscaping if you aren’t giving your yard the proper care it needs. By maintaining your yard, you show your neighbours that you care about your property and the way it looks. If your yard has an expansive lawn, this includes making sure the grass is cut during the warmer months. It’s much easier to cut the grass regularly than to leave it until it’s in dire need. When spring comes around, take the time to clean your gutters and wash hard surfaces. During the wet winter months, dirt and debris will start to stain these surfaces, the consequences of which will only get worse if not addressed.

Repair Your Roof

Taking care of your roof plays an essential role in the value of your home. This includes repairing and replacing missing or broken shingles and tending to general maintenance, such as moss removal. Because roofs are a big investment, keeping them in good shape reassures buyers that you’ve cared about the rest of your home too. Depending on the shape of your home, a large portion of your roof can be seen from the street, so buyers can tell if you’ve been neglecting your roof. Regular repairs prevent issues with leaks, which can cause severe damage if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Invest in Landscaping

Lush landscaping gives your home a luxurious feel and makes it feel more cozy, even if it’s new construction. Although some people prefer a highly structured garden, natural-looking landscaping suits almost every home type. Opt for plant varieties that are native to your local environment. This way, they are already accustomed to the local growing conditions and will be much more likely to flourish. Balance the aesthetics by introducing some vibrant flowers in the spring to give your home an extra pop of colour.

Install a Rubberized Driveway

Chances are that your driveway takes up a significant portion of your front yard. Because a rubberized driveway is much more durable than its concrete counterparts, it won’t undergo the same deterioration throughout time. Rubberized driveways are crack-resistant, as the tires used to make them are elastic. This is beneficial, as cracks often form in concrete during freeze and thaw cycles. The material also reduces the chances of weeds growing and with a variety of colours, provides an effective way to add to your curb appeal.

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