Things You Didn’t Know about Abandoned Tires

We’ve all seen it; that sad-looking, heap of shredded rubber on the side of the highway that once was a perfectly round tire. In North America, millions of tires are dumped in landfills, abandoned on the side of roads, and tossed in ditches. At Rubbertech Resurfacing, we use recycled rubber tires to build driveways, walkways, playground surfaces, medians, and more, saving you time, money, and helping reduce your ecological footprint. From our eco-friendly experts, here are a few things we bet you never knew about abandoned tires:

Tires Are the Perfect Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes
What could possibly be worse than having a pile of old tires on your lawn? The answer: a pile of old tires filled with mosquitoes. Because of their concave interior, tires are prone to trapping water and organic debris. This makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes—pesky insects known to carry deadly diseases all over the globe. By getting rid of abandoned tires, you not only reduce your ecological footprint, but you prevent the spread of sickness and disease to both humans and animals.

Tires Are Extremely Combustible
Tires will light on fire in an instant, and are extremely difficult to extinguish. Because they are so prevalent, many people believe lighting them on fire is the best way to get rid of them. Burning rubber, however, can cause significant smoke risks if inhaled, and is considered a major pollutant to the environment. Whether a tire is burned in your backyard or in a landfill, burning rubber is extremely dangerous to the environment and surrounding wildlife.

Tires Decompose Slowly
Did you know that it can take a rubber tire up to 100 years to fully decompose? Dumping old tires in a landfill does not solve the problem. The best way to get rid of your old tires is to recycle them.
Recycled Tires Have Multiple Applications

It may look like a pile of scraps, but old rubber tires have multiple applications in day-to-day life. At Rubbertech Resurfacing, we specialize in using 100% recycled rubber tires for paving driveways, patios, pool decks, playground surfaces, medians, apartment entryways, splash parks, and more. The benefits of rubber paving are myriad. Here are just a few:
•Lasts for over 20 years.
•Easy to clean and maintain.
•Offers a no-slip grip safe for you and your family.
•Is available in a variety of colours and styles to suit your individual needs.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional asphalt or cement driveways, rubber paving is the answer. Contact s today at Rubbertech Resurfacing to learn more about our unique rubber paving services!

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