Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

A backyard pool is the ultimate centrepiece for your summertime activities. The kids love to splash around on a hot summer day and it adds the right atmosphere for an amazing BBQ when celebrating a long weekend. By taking care of your pool, you extend its life and make sure it gets its fair share of use during the hot summer months.

Courtesy of the experts at Rubbertech Resurfacing, here are the top maintenance tips for your pool:

Regular Skimming and Scrubbing

The best way to ensure your pool is looking great all summer is to keep up with regular maintenance. This includes skimming the top for any leaves or debris on a daily basis. Consider putting a cover on your pool the next time you cut your lawn or before storms when the wind picks up to prevent anything—big or small—from entering.

Another important component of regular maintenance is scrubbing. There are many tools available that make this easier, but essentially, you want to scrub your pool tiles to remove any algae that forms in the summer sun as it is a hazard to people’s health.

Keep Up with Chemical Levels

Chemicals are what keep your pool water safe and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Water with improper levels will be murky and irritate the skin and eyes. A water test should be completed once each week to ensure that the adequate chemical levels are maintained. Testing kits can be purchased at your local hardware store.

The five levels that should be considered are:

  1. Cyanuric Acid
  2. Chlorine
  3. pH
  4. Total Alkalinity
  5. Calcium Hardness

After a big party or celebration, you may want to consider shocking your pool. This process requires you to use a higher level of chlorine to kill the excess bacteria. It does stress your pool’s system so you shouldn’t do it more than twice per year.

Take Care of Your Pool Deck

A beautiful pool isn’t complete without an elegant pool deck to match. Some materials cause your pool deck to become slippery, which is a major hazard every time you have friends and family over. Children often end their pool days with scrapes and bruises after an unfortunate fall. This can be prevented by power washing your outdoor surfaces before the start of the season.

Alternatively, you can opt to install a rubberized pool deck. This surface has a natural bounciness that reduces the impact of any accidents, while maintaining a fresh and inviting appearance. Rubberized materials come in a variety of colours that will match the exterior of your home. Just be sure you use a professional rubber paving surface so your final product is of the highest quality.

At Rubbertech Resurfacing, we’re passionate about providing you with a cost-effective and durable pool deck solution you’ll love. To learn more about our services and to get a free estimate, call 1-866-370-6280 today!

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