Rubber Mulch Benefits

Ever wonder what the benefits of rubber mulch are? Recently, rubberized mulch has become popular due to its unique properties and benefits. Traditional mulch is generally used to reduce weed growth, retain moisture, and add aesthetic appeal to outdoor landscapes. Rubberized mulch resembles traditional mulch wood chips and has similar benefits, but is considered more environmentally friendly and convenient.

From the experts at Rubbertech, here are the top benefits of rubberized mulch:

Reduces Weeds

One of the main reasons people add regular mulch to flower beds and landscapes is to reduce weed growth. Mulch is successful in reducing weeds because it blocks the light necessary for weeds to grow and covers bare soil. Covering bare soil is important because it reduces the chance of seeds landing and germinating in the first place.  Rubberized mulch mimics these weed reduction benefits since it blocks the light necessary for weeds to grow and prevents germination. To achieve maximum weed prevention, Rubbertech recommends spreading a two-inch layer of rubberized mulch on garden beds. If you want to double up on weed prevention, you can also install weed fabric before placing the rubberized mulch on top.

Moisture Retention

Rubberized mulch helps retain water in flower and garden beds, increasing soil moisture and reducing the amount of time spent watering plants. Compared to traditional mulch, rubberized mulch provides even more water retention since the chips themselves are not porous. The chips also block water evaporation and reduce the chances of soil overheating, preventing serious damage to plants. In the cold winter months, mulch can also protect your plants from freezing. By spending less time watering your plants, you will have more time to enjoy your outdoor garden space!

Long-Term Investment

Though rubberized mulch has a higher upfront cost than regular mulch, it is much more cost-effective in the long run. Rubberized mulch has high weather resistance because it is heavier than conventional mulch and, therefore, requires less replacement due to extreme weather conditions. Regular mulch is usually replaced once a year, but rubberized mulch can last up to ten years, making it a hassle-free solution.

Repels Bugs

No one enjoys unwanted, pesky bug visitors that invade your garden and harm your plants. Rubberized mulch has shown to be effective in reducing garden bugs, as it doesn’t have the nutrients that common pests, such as termites and carpenter ants, feed on. With rubberized mulch, you will be able to reduce the amount of money and effort you spend on saving plants from these pests.

Whether you are looking to revitalize your landscaping or reduce your gardening effort, rubberized mulch is an excellent solution in achieving your best summer garden yet. Visit our website to learn about the rubberized mulch coming soon and request a free estimate today!

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