Hosting More Pool Parties than Usual? Why Rubber Paving Is the Right Choice!

“I want a pool party!”

I tried my best to convince Emily that her indoor birthday party would be just as fun, but 10-year-olds can be quite stubborn.

As if he understood what we were discussing, Stanley raised his head to look at us and wagged his tail.

“Don’t even think about it,” I warned him. I knew he was remembering those juicy steaks he had liberated from the patio table at Emily’s birthday party last year. I was going to have to keep a closer eye on him.

“Alright, Alright. We’ll have a pool party,” I surrendered, but there were still these nagging worries at the back of my mind…

Rubber Paving

Luckily, Ava didn’t actually have to worry—she had rubber paving installed around her pool and on her patio.

When you invite people over, you have enough to think about with the preparations. You and your guests are there to enjoy themselves—the last thing you need are accidents. Rubbertech Resurfacing had this in mind when they created their environmentally friendly paving solution made of 100% recycled tire rubber that’s safe for friends and family. Building and strengthening communities is at the heart of their organization.

Why did Ava have rubber paving around her pool? Because it’s a slip-resistant material even with water, which also makes it a great material to have around your property in the winter.

And why did Ava have rubber paving on her patio? Because she was tired of her furniture leaving ugly scratches on her patio stones and having them crack when someone accidentally dropped their dishes.

Other surfaces that benefit from rubber paving are:

  • The driveway. Rubbertech Resurfacing can save you money by installing the rubber paving on top of your old driveway, instead of tearing it and removing it completely.
  • Any pathway or walkway. Rubber paving is flexible with the shifting ground, so people are less likely to trip compared to pathways made of pavers.

Rubber paving is also easier to clean and much more durable than any other surface. You can use a broom, rake, and shovel on the rubber paving with it still looking brand new in 20 years.

After the Party

Emily’s party was a success and the best part was that Stanley was better behaved this time. I placed a burger patty beside him as a thank-you, which he happily gobbled up.

Before leaving, one of the other parents, Jessica, was so impressed with my rubber paving that she wanted the same company to do her property. I gave her the information and Jessica was happy to hear they offer free estimates.

Rubbertech Resurfacing is located in Delta, BC, but we serve all of Vancouver.

Contact us today by phone at 1-866-370-6280, by email at, or fill out

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