How to Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer

Have you already started planning your summer with weekend getaways and parties at your best friend’s decked-out backyard? Do you avoid having get-togethers on your patio because of the state it’s in?

With the help of Rubbertech Resurfacing, we will give you back your little piece of paradise. How will we do it, you ask? With a rubber paved patio and pool deck!

We create rubber paving with 100% recycled tire rubber, a practice introduced to North America over 25 years ago.

What to Expect with a Rubber Patio and Pool Deck:

A Cost-Effective Solution

  • You design and invest a great deal into your patio with the hopes that it’ll last a long time. Rubber paving is guaranteed to last decades and still look brand new!
  • Rubber paving is 30 to 40% cheaper than concrete, pavers or brickwork.
  • If you’re thinking of repaving with asphalt, it’s worth switching to rubber paving because it costs just as much with more benefits. It can even be placed over your old concrete or asphalt patio.

A Better Appearance

  • You’re probably thinking that with a rubber patio made from old tires, you’re limited to one colour: black. But that’s not true! We offer rubber paving in many colours to suit your backyard’s décor.
  • Your patio sees a lot of action and will develop tons of scratches and scuffs from dragged furniture to dropped dishes and food. Rubber paving will save you from an embarrassing patio because of its durability to weather and everyday wear.
  • You’re less inclined to invite people over because of all those cracks on your concrete or asphalt patio. By putting rubber paving over your old patio, it will adapt to the moving earth and be more flexible, allowing you to be worry-free and even a bit boastful.

A Safe Area

  • If you’re around the pool, you won’t need to fear slipping in anymore. With rubber paving, the surface provides good traction when wet or icy.
  • Whether it’s your own feet or that of your pets, no one will have to endure scrapes on any part of their bare skin with rubber paving.
  • Do you habitually forget your sandals and burn your feet on the scorching patio? By using rubber, your patio will be cooler than with any stone paving, giving you more opportunities to wiggle your toes in the sun.
  • You won’t need to worry about your children walking in their bare feet through bacteria, like mold or mildew, when you have rubber paving. Stonework is susceptible to those issues—not rubber.

We’re in this business because we have a community-focused mindset. So, start your list of invites, go shopping for those new pool toys you saw in the flyer, and most importantly, schedule your appointment with Rubbertech Resurfacing today for your free estimate! We also do paving for other areas around the home, such as walkways and driveways for your convenience.

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