How to Boost Your Business Through Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is not just for when you’re buying and selling a property. It’s also a useful everyday tool for attracting customers to your business, appealing to high-quality tenants, and increasing your building’s value. By maintaining a professional business appearance, you will encourage your current customers and tenants in remaining loyal to your business and location while bringing in new life to expand your business and gain a better reputation.

Rubbertech Resurfacing knows some tips and tricks for maximizing your business’s curb appeal.

Clean and Update

Scheduling regular cleaning services will show off the basic features of your building. From pristine marble or wood floors to sparkling slider or picture windows, maintaining what you already have reduces your costs and emphasizes the quality of your building.

On the other hand, if you have dated features, cleaning them will draw unwanted attention to them. Updating your features brings a fresh look and better security to your building. Some key interior aspects that should be updated include:

  • the alarm system and security cameras
  • light switches and fixtures
  • bathroom décor and mechanisms
  • kitchen décor and appliances
  • lobby and waiting room decor

When furniture and the interior design of a room is from a certain period, it can give your building and business an old and dingy look. Customers, tenants, and staff will see this as a reflection of how you operate your business and will not want to work with you. By achieving a balance of modern and vintage, however, you will give visitors and staff the impression of class and quality.


Greenery is an excellent addition to soften the outside of any commercial property so customers, tenants, and staff feel welcome. Here, you also need to establish a balance that won’t be overbearing, as well as prevent people from entering or exiting the building. Depending on the area you have available, you can incorporate:

  • low hedges along pathways
  • short potted or planted flowers to add a touch of colour
  • tall potted plants placed next to doorways
  • a water feature
  • an artistic piece

Strategically-placed greenery will have a large return on investment for your business. Include mainstays that will anchor your property, as well as perennials and annuals. As you let your imagination run wild, keep in mind that landscaping has a huge impact on businesses.

Repair and Replace

The outside of your commercial property gives customers, tenants, and staff their first impression of your business. If the brick is crumbling, the stairs have multiple cracks, or your sign is only partially visible, it won’t matter if your waiting room and office are high-class; no one will never get there.

Sprucing up the condition of your building will not only provide an excellent first impression, it will improve the safety of the building and its occupants. Depending on the state of your building, make the necessary repairs, such as redoing the brickwork and roof, and replacing damaged stairs, medians, and parking lot area.

Our Paving Solution

If you’re looking for a way to minimize your costs while still having an attractive exterior for customers, tenants, and staff, we suggest switching to rubber paving for your walkways, medians, and parking lot. Rubber paving has been made to endure harsh Canadian weather and every day wear from foot traffic and kicked up rubble. It gives a top-quality appearance and is an eco-friendly product.

The most important aspects of rubber paving are its deterioration-proof nature and safety feature. Rubber paving adapts to the changing ground so it doesn’t develop cracks and has a non-slip surface to allow customers, tenants, and staff to securely walk in the rain or snow.

If you want to boost your commercial property’s curb appeal with rubber paving, contact Rubbertech Resurfacing today in Southern British Columbia!

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