4 Benefits to Installing a Community Splash Park

In the summertime, there’s nothing better on a hot day than going for a swim. Many communities are opting to replace community pools with splash parks, and for good reason. Splash parks have recently soared in popularity and are most prevalent in urban centres, but they are not limited to areas with a consistently warm climate.

Discover the ways in which installing a community splash park can create positive change for your community:


Splash parks encourage interaction between children of different ages and provide a safe and open space for play. Due to their open-concept design, splash parks encourage children to play with others and use their imagination. This is vital for brain development as creative thinking promotes emotional and cognitive strength. If your child is shy, splash parks are a great way for them to work on their social skills while being close to you in a protected environment. Splash parks allow children of all ages and abilities to interact in a fun way that lets them take advantage of the summer sun and build lasting friendships.


Although many kids take swimming lessons, their swimming skills are relatively new, and letting them swim freely can be scary for parents and children alike. According to the Canadian Lifesaving Society, the highest number of drowning deaths occur in natural expanses of water, with most incidents taking place during the summer months. In splash parks, children don’t risk drowning, as water drains quickly and sprays at a relatively low pressure. Slips and falls caused by wet surfaces are minimized with rubberized paving that naturally provides traction and aids in water drainage.


Splash parks have become increasingly sophisticated, with variations in design that let you showcase your local community. By creating a custom splash park, you can choose the colour, size, materials, and even theme to ensure your splash park becomes a hot destination this summer. With the vast amount of choices, your splash park will be sure to complement existing structures and fit into the pre-existing design elements of the space. If you’re looking to add visually engaging structures, there are plenty to choose from with flower, mushroom, and animal options.


A splash park can serve as a local attraction for both residents and tourists in the summer months. There is a relatively low number of splash parks currently in Canada, so they naturally serve as a “destination” attraction within a region. Cities can use this as an opportunity to encourage tourists to stop and spend time at a certain location. If local stores and businesses surround the area, people will be more encouraged to check out what they have to offer, which will boost the local economy. Splash parks are more economical than community pools because they don’t require lifeguards and are fairly low maintenance.

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